As one of Tennessee’s premier custom homebuilders, you might expect us to say that everyone should buy a custom home – but that’s just not the case. Custom homes aren’t right for everyone, so in some cases, it’s best for buyers to look for production homes or existing homes that meet their needs.

A production home is one that typically appears in a subdivision and looks similar to the other homes in the subdivision. Typically, one builder handles all the homes in the community with production homes – unlike communities of custom homes in Tennessee, where different builders can add their own designs into the mix.

custom home

Benefits of Buying a Custom Home

When you buy a custom home, you’re the first person to ever live in it. That’s a huge benefit, according to many buyers, particularly because you have the ability to start from scratch with the décor and style.

Other benefits of buying a custom home include:

  • Energy efficiency. Typically, a custom homes allow for updated technologies, better insulation and other modern amenities.
  • Custom appliances. In a custom home, you’ll be able to choose which appliances will serve your family best. You can even incorporate smart home technology to make your home even more livable.
  • Full control. You have complete control over the quality and function of your new home when you buy custom. You can plan the number of rooms and their uses, how much privacy you’ll need and every other aspect when you’re working with a custom home builder in Tennessee.

Are You Ready to Build a Custom Home in Tennessee?

If you’re thinking about building a custom home in Tennessee, Carbine & Associates can help. We have decades of combined experience in creating some of the most beautiful homes in the state, and we’d love to help you with yours.

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