Should you build a new home in Middle Tennessee or buy an existing house?

The answer is different for everyone – but we can help you make the right choice.

build or buy

How to Decide Whether You Should Build or Buy

The biggest benefit of building a new home is that you can choose exactly what it looks like, right down to the finishes in the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms.

However, buying a brand-new custom home in Middle Tennessee isn’t for everyone.

You should not build a new home if:

  • You prefer to deal with older appliances than allow new, energy-efficient appliances to save you money.
  • You don’t mind dealing with (and paying for) termite infestations, cracked foundations or green shag carpet once your offer has been accepted.
  • You like readjusting your life to fit the house you bought rather than creating a house that fits your lifestyle.

If none of those sound like you, then what you’ll need to do is make sure you can secure financing.

You should build a new home in Tennessee if you understand all of the advantages, including:

  • New homes have the most up-to-date energy efficiency
  • New homes can have built-in technology, including security systems and home automation tools
  • New homes are customizable, and you can create your own from the ground up
  • New homes are typically in new neighborhoods

A new house won’t have the same health concerns that an older home might, particularly when it comes to allergens, lead paint and asbestos. Aside from that, newer homes are generally more attractive to buyers – and that means you may be able to recoup your investment better if you decide to sell it.

Are You Ready for a New Home in Middle Tennessee?

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