Nothing is as refreshing on a hot summer day in Middle Tennessee than jumping into the pool.

Though the chlorine pool remains the industry standard, the saltwater alternative has gained popularity in recent years as more homeowners install them; people even convert their existing chlorine pools over to saltwater systems.


Should You Choose a Standard Pool or a Saltwater Pool?

Choosing the best option means deciding up front how dedicated to your pool you are willing to be, both financially and in terms of your time. Here are a few things you should know if a swimming pool is on your list of must-haves.

Water Quality

First off, let’s be clear on a one major point concerning saltwater pools: they do have chlorine in them. The difference is that the chorine found in a saltwater pool isn’t added externally by you or your pool technician.

Saltwater pools use salt to produce a chlorine-based sanitizer that is formed through a chemical electrolysis which occurs within a saltwater chlorinator, or generator, that is part of the system. The resulting chlorine levels are typically far lower than in the standard chlorine pool and therefore less drying to the skin and less irritating to the eyes.

Maintenance Expenses

If you’ve done your research on swimming pools, you know that expenses continue well after the initial installation. In the case of a standard chlorine pool, you can anticipate spending several hundred dollars per year on the necessary chemicals, even if you elect to handle the weekly maintenance yourself.

Because a saltwater pool generates its own chlorine from salt, you may end up saving money over time. However, it is important to remember that salt is also extremely corrosive to ladders, concrete, decking—even to the salt chlorinator itself. While you may see some upfront savings where chemicals are concerned, salt corrosion may wind up costing more in equipment replacement in the long run.

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