We all want our homes to look their best, but sometimes even the most well intentioned design choices don’t quite pan out. In fact, there are five major mistakes that most of us make with our interior décor picks.

5 Decorating Mistakes We All Make

  1. Small Space, Small Furniture  

It’s tempting to think that a small space can only accommodate small-scale furnishings, but that would be a mistake. Tiny furniture intended to save space can have the opposite effect and make small rooms feel even smaller.

Instead of using smaller pieces, use regular-sized furnishings – but the caveat is to limit the number of pieces. If you want to make use of your large, queen-sized bed in a not-so-large guest room, skip out on one of the nightstands or go without the beautiful trunk you’d like to put at the foot of the bed.

  1. Trinket Takeover

Everyone loves their tchotchkes and knickknacks—items that make your home feel lived in and remind you of special people and places. It’s easy to get a little too carried away with your beloved baubles, though. No matter how large your home may be, housing too many collectibles can clog living areas and reduce the functionality of your spaces. Remember every interior decorator’s mantra: Less is more.

  1. Matching Monotony

Too much of a good thing can curtail any room’s potential. Monotony isn’t good when it comes to shapes, textures and patterns. Mix things up with contrasting pieces, textures, colors and patterns. Accumulated and passed-down items are perfect since they each carry their own unique character and history.

  1. Way-High Wall Art

You and your guests shouldn’t have to strain a neck muscle to see photos, paintings and mirrors. For ideal viewing, always remember to mount your hangings so that their midpoints are at eye-level. On average, that’s about 5 feet off the ground.

  1. Floating Rugs

Unless your rug is a magical heirloom, it shouldn’t be left adrift in the middle of the room. Rugs that sit in the middle of your space are considered floaters – and there’s one thing you need to know moving forward if this applies to you: it’s absolutely okay to have an off-centered rug in your room as long as it’s anchored by an ottoman, a coffee table, or your sofa.

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