Now that spring is in full swing, it’s time to start enjoying your yard again. Few things are as satisfying as watching those perennials in your garden start to fill out and add interest to your fresh, green lawn.

If you’re like many people, you probably fill bare spots in the flowerbeds with colorful blooming annuals each spring. While fragrant and beautiful, it’s likely that your pansies or begonias look pretty much the same each year—and pretty much like everyone else’s. So how can you make your garden stand out?

strawberry garden

Strawberry Jars for Vertical Interest

In most gardens, perennials provide taller blooms and greenery while annuals tend to grow much lower to the ground. You can bring the long-lasting color of flowering annuals up and out of their usual flat spaces by planting them in strawberry jars.

These unusual-looking planters, available in terra cotta or an array of glazed ceramics, can add a versatile focal point to boring beds. Plant them with the same flowers to simply add height, or try a contrasting color. Flowers that drape, such as lobelia or wave petunias, look fantastic in these quirky pots.

Portable Color for Porches and Decks

A versatile strawberry jar planting can extend your garden onto the deck or outdoor living space as well. They look fabulous on the front porch, greeting your visitors as they step up to ring the bell.

If you enjoy cooking, try an assortment of fragrant and attractive herbs in a strawberry jar near the back door. We’d suggest chives or onions for the top with and your other favorite flavors in the side pockets of the jar.

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