Choosing room colors can be a more daunting task than actually doing the painting yourself. You want room and accent colors to suit the usage of the room, as well as your individual personality. This is especially true if you plan to entertain guests in your home.

As you’re putting together ideas for your custom home in Middle Tennessee, the color scheme is an intrinsic part of planning.

So where do you start?

Choosing the Perfect Color Palette

Choosing The Perfect Paint Colors For Your Home,  Carbine & Associates, Franklin, TN

Fortunately, you have the freedom to choose contrasting color palettes in different rooms when you’re having a custom home built.

That said, do you host cocktail parties and game nights, or, are crafting get-togethers and book clubs more your speed? Think about your usual houseguests – are they introverts or extroverts? The former tend to feel more comfortable with cool colors and muted shades such as pastels, while the latter gravitate toward more richly saturated hues and warmer tones.

Your knitting circle might find a fiery red-orange theme a bit overwhelming, while cool pastels or a palette of beige and taupe aren’t likely to inspire a raucous game of charades.

What Colors Do for Your Space

Blue: Blue is versatile, with deeper shades feeling sophisticated and lighter shades more soothing. All blues are associated with dependability and loyalty – think “true blue.”

Brown: Brown, the original neutral, is a friendly, social color. Contemporary deep chocolate and coffee shades are more fashionable than the tans and wood-paneling browns of generations past and make a space seem rich and elegant.

Gray: Gray shades can lend a sophisticated air to any space. Gray mixes well with any color, and in fact needs an accent color to keep from seeming drab and depressing. Starting with gray walls can add to the drama of your coordinating color choice.

Green: Shades of green are soothing and linked to creativity. Natural greens signal an outdoorsy type of person, while chartreuse and other electric shades indicate a thrill-seeking persona.

Orange: Orange is still warm, but a bit more reserved than either red or yellow.

Purple: Purple is complex and creative. Red-leaning purples feel energetic, while violets and indigo hues are more introspective.

Red: Red is an attention-getter. True red works best as an accent; deeper wine-hued reds are a bit more subtle and can be used more liberally. Reds are energizing and make people feel social and talkative.

Yellow: This timeless favorite is warm and bright, and is associated with a sunny personality. A happy and welcoming color, yellow draws people in.

Designing Your Custom Space from the Ground Up

Carbine & Associates can help you design your custom home from beginning to end. Let us know what you’re looking for by calling us at 615-661-9995 or by contacting us online. We’ll be happy to discuss your plans and show you how we can help you reach your dreams.