Custom Homes vs. Existing Homes: What’s Right for You?

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As one of Tennessee’s premier custom homebuilders, you might expect us to say that everyone should buy a custom home – but that’s just not the case. Custom homes aren’t right for everyone, so in some cases, it’s best for buyers to look for production homes or existing homes that meet their needs. A production home [...]

USA Today Home Magazine Asks Carbine, Quartz or Granite Counters?

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Not your mother’s countertop, fresh choices for counters are gaining popularity including quartz-based says Carbine’s Vice President of Operations Daryl Walny.  He was recently interviewed for USA Today Home magazine and reflected younger homeowners are leaning toward the manmade products.   Now on newsstands nationwide, USA Today Home Magazine writer Hollie Deese asked Carbine’s Daryl [...]

Cork Flooring: What you Need to Know

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As one of Middle Tennessee’s premier custom homebuilders, we get a lot of questions about flooring (including how to take care of hardwoods, which sustainable materials to use and more). One thing we haven’t really touched on yet is cork, which is one of the hottest trends in flooring design this year. So what do you [...]

The Builder Interview – How to Find Out if Your Builder is Right for You

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Most people who choose to build a custom home in Nashville or the surrounding communities know that it’s important to interview builders before making a commitment.  But, what are you supposed to ask and will the builders mind if you show up with a laundry list of questions? First things first: a good builder won’t hesitate [...]

Do You Have Your Own Design Style

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If you’re like many people, you have your own unique design style – and shopping for new home décor to outfit your beautiful custom home is quite a bit easier if you know which category suits you best. 5 Major Design Styles: Which is Yours? Every design style has its own unique characteristics, and many people [...]

How to Find the Perfect Sofa

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While it would be nice to hire a professional decorator to outfit your home in the latest-and-greatest styles, that’s not always feasible – but how can you turn your home into a magazine-worthy showpiece without professional help? Knowing how to pick out the perfect sofa is a great start. How to Find the Perfect Sofa Without [...]

Garage Organization 101

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When you’re ready to organize your garage – maybe as part of a New Year’s resolution – the whole task can seem overwhelming. Where do you even begin? How to Organize Your Garage: One Step at a Time Our garages often end up serving as the “catch-all” for things that we don’t want to store in [...]

Are You Ready to Buy a Custom Home

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If you’re thinking about buying your first custom home, you probably have quite a few questions. What’s the process like, and how long does it take? What else do you need to consider? Custom Home 101: What You Need to Know Buying a custom home isn’t as complicated as it sounds. The process all starts with [...]

5 Ways To Create the Perfect Laundry Room

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At Carbine & Associates, we’ll build your laundry room to your exact specifications (right along with the rest of the house). Don’t feel like you have to contain your imagination when it comes to your laundry area; we want you to love every aspect of your home. We keep a good eye on what’s hot in [...]

5 Qualities of a Great Custom Homebuilder

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When you’re looking for the best custom homebuilder in Middle Tennessee, it makes a lot of sense to do your homework. After all, this is your dream home – and you need a highly qualified builder who has a sterling reputation throughout the area to create it for you. 5 Qualities of a Great Custom Homebuilder [...]