While your custom home in Middle Tennessee is already going to be one-of-a-kind, why not go the extra nautical mile and make a splash with custom water features?

water features

Why Add Water Features to Your Custom Home?

Experts have long claimed that listening to running water, indoors or out, is a wonderful way to relax, clear your mind and recharge yourself – and a fountain, pond or other water feature might be just what the doctor ordered for your new custom home.

Aside from that, there are four great reasons to add water features to your custom home:

  1. Water features attract birds and wildlife to your yard. They’re a fantastic complement to your natural landscaping, and a thriving presence of fauna can make it even more enjoyable to look at.
  2. The right water feature can be home to living plants, such as lilies, water hyacinth and horsetail reeds.
  3. A water feature can make your yard look even larger than I is. With the right underwater lighting, such as eco lights that charge from the sun during the day and power up during the night, you’ll have a stunning display at any hour.
  4. Water features are highly customizable, so you can design your home’s interior or landscape to match your own style.

What to Consider for Water Features

There’s no such thing as “one-size-fits-all” when you’re choosing a water feature. You need something that really fits your lifestyle, whether it’s a tumbling waterfall coming from a wall in the foyer or a special spout that adds ambience to your outdoor space.

Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor water feature (or both), they’re generally easy to maintain. A weekly cleaning will keep them in great shape and prevent algae from building up.

Ready to Talk About the Plans for Your Custom Home?

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