A vessel sink is a bold, ultra-modern choice in kitchens and bathrooms. They come in an array of shapes and materials, and they are amazing focal points.

The punchy style of a vessel sink isn’t without its shortcomings, though, and they’re not right for everyone. In some homes, a traditional sink may be the better choice.How to Choose the Right Vessel Sink

Vessel Sinks: Bold and Modern Style

Vessel sinks are charmingly unusual. They stand out. You can build an entire look around your vessel sink; it will transform your space into a fabulously functional showplace.

Most often, vessel sinks are oval, with or without a flattened bottom. You’re not limited to a rounded shape, though. Square, rectangular, even trapezoidal shapes are also available. Similarly, you’re not limited to porcelain materials; they come in glass or acrylic; stone; wood; copper and plastics.

Traditional Sinks: Versatile, Durable and Timeless

If you prefer a seamless, smooth and sleek look, a traditional sink might be best in your custom home. You can still make a bold statement by choosing an unusual material or picking fixtures that really stand out.

Which Sink is Most Reasonable for Your Home?

When you’re sorting through all of the choices for your beautiful custom home, keep in mind:

  • Vessel sinks have exposed edges that can chip or crack
  • The intersection of the bottom of your sink and your countertop might be tough to clean
  • Vessel sinks sit higher than traditional sinks because they rest on top of the counter; they’re not recessed like traditional sinks are

No matter what you choose, your Carbine and Associates custom home is going to look amazing.

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