With the holidays almost upon us, many of us will be opening our homes to friends and family from out of town—and that means it’s time to start getting the guest room ready to give them a warm welcome.Creating a Welcoming Guest Room- Carbine & Associates

Less is More

In a guest room, less is more. Give your guests plenty of room to spread out, hang their clothes and relax; if that means moving your summer clothes to another closet or temporarily relocating collectibles to another room, the effort is well worth it.

Providing “Extras”

Whether your houseguests are staying a few days or a couple of weeks, your biggest concern is their comfort. It’s a good idea to leave fresh linens, extra blankets and extra pillows stashed in the closet (but remember to tell your guests they’re there) so they can make themselves at home. Don’t forget to leave an ample supply of towels, washcloths and toiletries—and keep a new toothbrush or two handy in case your guests have forgotten theirs.

Consider leaving a basket stocked with water bottles, fruit and packaged snacks at the foot of the bed. A single-serve coffeepot and supplies are also welcome additions to any guest room.

Remembering the Little Things

Write down your Wi-Fi password, your alarm system code and other important information, such as directions to the nearest gas station or the local supermarket, and put it all on the dresser. Provide instructions for the remote control (who doesn’t need those?) and directions for operating other electronics in the room, too.

The Finishing Touches

Fresh flowers are the universal welcome symbol, so placing a small vase on the dresser or on a bedside table can make a huge difference. A box of chocolates, recent magazines or newspapers, and other five-star add-ins can get your guests’ visit off on the right foot and leave them feeling welcome (and in awe of your amazing hospitality).

Building a New Home with Guests in mind

When planning your new home keep guests in mind. If your budget allows a private guest bath would be much appreciated. If you would like more information on building a new home with Carbine & Associates, please fill our the form below or call us at 615-661-9995. 

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