Your kitchen is the most multi-functional room in your home, particularly if it’s an open or eat-in kitchen. Cooking, cleaning, eating, planning, and often socializing all center around this important space. The lighting you choose should suit the use of your kitchen, as well as your personal lighting choices - carbine and associates franklin


Nothing tops a chandelier for classic elegance. Of course, an eight-foot ceiling will remove even a small chandelier from consideration. If you like the look and your ceiling is high enough, there’s no reason not to choose a chandelier for the kitchen. The problem with a single light source is that your body will tend to cast a shadow on your counters and cooktop. If this is the case in your kitchen, you can add some under-cabinet lighting for workspaces and still enjoy a hanging fixture for ambient room lighting.

Track Lighting

A more modern approach, track lighting offers an array of options. This versatile choice allows you to aim directional lighting at key points in your kitchen. You can go for a minimalist look in the fixtures themselves, or choose track lighting with a bit more flair. By combining directional and softer lights in different areas, you can bask in a soft glow while still having brightly lit areas in which to chop, mix, and sauté to your heart’s content.

Recessed Lights

Recessed lighting is the perfect choice for low ceilings, and blends well if you have a skylight. As with track lighting, you can vary the brightness and color of each light to suit the use of each area of your kitchen. Recessed lighting is, ideally, completely unobtrusive. Your kitchen will be well lit, with the light source itself escaping notice.em

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