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  • Farmhouse living room, built by Carbine & Assoc., design by Julie Couch Interiors, photo by Sam Carbine

    Fireplace Options For New Home Design

    It is indoor fire season and there are several elements to consider if you are contemplating adding a fireplace to your new home construction.   Wood Burning Fireplaces  There is nothing like the smell, sound and romantic aspects of a wood-burning fireplace.  Although around 75% [...]

  • How-to-Choose-the-Perfect-Lighting-for-Your-Custom-Home-Beaded-Chandelier-Carbine-And-Associates

    How to Choose the Perfect Lighting for Your Custom Home

    As your Middle Tennessee custom home begins to take shape, it’s time for the details to start coming together. Whatever your décor, the right lighting will go far in creating inviting and useful space you’ll feel immediately at home in. A charming Nashville [...]

  • Beautiful Manor Home Available – Boutique Franklin Neighborhood

    With an inviting, fence-lined driveway leading to a beautiful brick home on an acre-plus home site, Carbine’s newest house in Southern Preserve is currently available! A pretty, fenced-line drive leads to the manor house in Southern Preserve currently available for purchase. Featuring [...]

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