Before the first flakes start to fall, it’s important that you know what’s in your gutters – and that you get it out. Clogged gutters can’t do their jobs, and when temperatures fluctuate between freezing and warm, you’ll be in for a slushy mess.

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Pre-Snow Gutter Cleaning

There are five big reasons you should at least do a quick sweep through your gutters to keep leaves and debris to a minimum:

1. Leaves and debris prevent water from flowing to the downspout, and standing water can cause your gutters to rust. When water spills out of a rusted gutter, the resulting orange streaks on the sides of your home are tough to remove.

2. Water that’s left to freeze in your gutters forms ice dams, which can damage the gutters themselves. Ice dams can also force water into your home, causing further damage.

3. Insects and small animals can make their homes in your gutters, particularly when there are plenty of dry leaves for warmth and shelter. If they’re in your gutters, they can make their way into your home.

4. The weight of filled gutters can cause them to bow away from your house; in the worst cases, the gutters become too heavy for their supports and come crashing down.

5. Water that spills out of your clogged gutters can gather around the foundation of your home, eroding the surface and seeping into places it doesn’t belong. Your gutters are supposed to direct water away from your home, and they can’t do that if they’re clogged, overflowing, rusted or damaged.

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